The Crown Princess Couple continue their visit to France

Motiv: The Mayor of Sceaux, M. Philippe Laurent, shows Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte and Désirée Clary's marriage certificate to The Crown Princess Couple. Photo: Christophe Ena/AFP Photo.
On Monday 27 September, The Crown Princess Couple continued their visit to France. The day began with a reception in the commune of Sceaux, 10 km from the centre of Paris. It was in Sceaux that Jean Baptiste Bernadotte married Désirée Clary.
On arrival at Sceaux, The Crown Princess Couple were greeted by children of various ages waving Swedish flags and flowers. Mayor M. Philippe Laurent welcomed The Crown Princess Couple.

The Crown Princess Couple were then shown around an exhibition on Bernadotte, including Bernadotte and Désirée's marriage certificate.

They then visited the famous chocolatier Patrick Roger, who demonstrated how chocolates are made using ganache, a mixture of cream and chocolate.