Royal Family on board Swedish Ship Götheborg

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Motiv: The Crown Princess Couple boarding the Swedish Ship Götheborg. Photo: Claudio Brescian/Scanpix.
Sweden's County Governors hosted a dinner for The Crown Princess Couple on board the Swedish Ship Götheborg on Wednesday 16 June. The dinner marked the start of festivities to celebrate the wedding of The Crown Princess Couple.
The dinner was attended by the entire Royal Family, and every county was represented by the County Governor and an additional three selected guests.
During the evening, entertainment was provided by the Gothenburg Opera, including performances by mezzo-soprano Katarina Karnéus and Gunilla Backman, who sang a piece from Mamma Mia. Entertainment was also provided by the artist Stefan Andersson, who performed songs written specially about the Swedish Ship Götheborg.

The dinner was provided by Sweden's top gourmet chefs under the management of Leif Mannerström. Swedish regional dishes were the inspiration behind the food that was served.