Queen opens Bernadotte care home

Motiv: The Queen opening the Bernadotte care home in Uppsala. Photo: Nina Leijonhufvud/Scanpix
The Queen opened the Bernadotte care home in Uppsala on Monday 25 January.
Following the opening, The Queen was given a guided tour of Bernadotte care home and had the opportunity to meet the residents.

About Bernadotte care home

The Bernadotte care home in Uppsala was built on the former site of Folke Bernadottehemmet. Folke Bernadottehemmet was built with funds that were raised and managed by the Folke Bernadotte Foundation at the end of the 1950s.

When Folke Bernadottehemmet was completed in 1962 it functioned as a regional rehabilitation centre for children and young people with disabilities and other neurological conditions. This service moved to new premises in 2008.
The Bernadotte care home is one of four newly built care homes, including a total of 280 sheltered flats, which were built by Uppsala municipality in 2009. The other three are called Västergården, Linné and Ferlin.

The official opening of the Bernadotte care home is also a symbolic inauguration of all four care homes.