Queen buys the year's first Mayflower pin

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Motiv: The Queen together with Bahar Garmiani and Linnea Hultqvist. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/Scanpix.
On Tuesday 13 April it was once again time for The Queen to buy the year's first Mayflower pin, according to tradition.
This year, the honour of selling the first Mayflower pin to The Queen went to Bahar Garmiani and Linnea Hultqvist from Malteholm School.

Majblomman (the Mayflower Charity Foundation for Children) is Sweden's largest children's charity. The organisation works to improve the lives of children and tackle child poverty in Sweden. The Queen is Majblomman's highest patron and buys the first Mayflower every year.

Find out more about Majblomman External link.