Princess Madeleine visits Childhood projects in Florida and New York

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Motiv: Princess Madeleine at Children's Harbor in Florida. From left: Regine Cordon (COO), Princess Madeleine, Sue Glasscock (CEO), Charlotte Brandin (Childhood USA), Steve Fuller (Chairman of the Board). Sue Glasscock and Regine Cordon participated in Childhood’s Project seminar in New York 2009. Photo: Children's Harbor
Princess Madeleine visited Children's Harbor in Pembroke Pines in Florida on Tuesday 27 April. The next day the Princess visited Kristi House in Miami-Dade county, Florida.
Children's Harbor External link, opens in new window. provides a safe environment for children and sibling groups, as well as pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers.

The following day, 28 April, the Princess visited Kristi House. External link, opens in new window. Childhood supports the project "Sexually Exploited Children's Project," which focuses on tackling the sexual exploitation of children, as well as highlighting the issue of child trafficking for sexual purposes. The project also offers rehabilitation for young women.

Kristi House is Miami-Dade county's children's advocacy centre. Children's advocacy centres work with helping children to talk to the police and social authorities about the sexual assaults they have been subjected to. This work helps build up a case against the perpetrator.
There are children's advocacy centres all around the world and Childhood supports similar projects in Sweden and Lithuania.  
The Princess' visit to New York included follow-up meetings after previous meetings in February this year and October 2009. On Monday 3 May the Princess took part in a strategic planning meeting with UNICEF, WHO, CDC, UNIFEM, PepFAR, FVPF, as well as other organisations on the subject of "Addressing Sexual Violence Against Girls."

On Tuesday 4 May, Princess Madeleine paid a visit to Inwood House External link, opens in new window., which included a guided tour of their newly renovated maternity residence, as well as an update on the projects that Childhood has donated funds to since 2004.