King visits operations in Indian Ocean

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Motiv: Photo: Sergeant Nicklas Gustafsson/Combat Camera.
On Tuesday 5 May, The King visited HMS Carlskrona accompanied by head of operations Lieutenant General Anders Lindström.
The King went on board HMS Carlskrona to gain an understanding of Operation Atalanta External link, opens in new window. and ME02, which is the name of the Swedish force that from 14 April 2010 will be stationed in the waters off the coast of Somalia as part of Operation Atalanta; the EU's first naval operation. The EU's warships in the area will be led by Swedish Wing Commander Jan Thönqvist and his crew on board HMS Carlskrona during the period April to August.

The King had the opportunity to observe activities on board during an intensive day. The King listened to a talk about the operation and was also able to follow the management of the operation in the area.

The King, who has had experience of life on board a navy ship, showed a great interest in the vessel, crew and their duties.


The visit on board HMS Carlskrona was something of a reunion for The King. On 28 May 1980, The King named the ship when it was first launched and has since been on board on several occasions.

"This visit is under different conditions with the tropical heat, different clothing and a uniform that is unfamiliar to me, as well as equipment that is adapted and that didn't exist when I spent time on board navy ships. It is important for Sweden to contribute with a presence in this area. We should be proud of the fact that we have been entrusted with the task of leading the other units in the EU force," said The King.

The King had time to meet sailors and officers from the crew, and gave the following summary of his impressions of the day:

"An extremely exciting, interesting and informative visit."

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