King and Queen visit Amazonas

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Motiv: The King and Queen being welcomed to Amazonas. Photo: Drasko Markovic.
The King and Queen ended their visit to Brazil with a trip to São Gabriel de Cachoeira and São Joaquim in the state of Amazonas at the invitation of Brazil's Minister for Defence, Nelson Jobim, and his wife.
The military are working in close cooperation with the local population to promote sustainable development in this extremely remote part of Amazonas, by the border with Colombia. The majority of the soldiers are recruited from the local Indian population, and the military is responsible not only for jobs but also for healthcare.

The King and Queen visited the local military hospital, had the opportunity to sample exotic fruits from the rainforest that are an essential source of food for the soldiers in the jungle, and took part in a village meeting with the local indigenous population.

During the meeting, The King's speech in English was translated first into Portuguese and then into the dominant Indian language of the village. Three separate languages are spoken in the village in addition to the common language of Portuguese.