King and Queen in São Paulo

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Motiv: The Queen receiving flowers from Lisa Axelbjer and Anna Cristiana da Silva Vicente at the Scandinavian Church in Sao Paolo. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer, Scanpix.
The state visit continued on 25 March in São Paulo, where The King and Queen visited the Scandinavian Church.
The King and Queen were welcomed by the vicar Jörgen Franzén and Chairman of the Church Council, Nils Grafström.

The Scandinavian Church community was founded in 1962, and the congregation is made up of the Nordic colony in São Paulo, which numbers roughly 3,000.
Following the visit, The King and Queen attended a reception for Swedish citizens in Brazil.
The King and Queen then visited São Paulo's industrial federation, FIESP. The King and Queen were welcomed by head of FIESP, Paolo Skaf, and invited to join FIESP members and representatives from Swedish and Brazilian companies for lunch.
FIESP is a large and influential professional organisation for São Paulo's industrial sector. São Paulo accounts for 40 percent of Brazil's GDP. FIESP acts as an umbrella organisation for a considerable number of São Paulo's industrial associations. Together these associations represent 150,000 industries within various areas of production in Brazil.
After the lunch, The King participated in a seminar on strengthening industrial and technological cooperation between Brazil and Sweden.
In a speech, The King said that he was convinced that the strategic partnership between Sweden and Brazil will continue to develop over the coming years.
In the evening The King and Queen hosted a buffet dinner for representatives from Brazilian and Swedish businesses at Hotel Tivoli in São Paolo.