King and Queen and Crown Princess attend first official dinner of the year

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Motiv: The King and Queen and Crown Princess at the first official dinner of the year. Photo: Marc Femenia, Scanpix.
The King and Queen hosted the year's first official dinner on Tuesday 11 February.

Guests included representatives from the diplomatic corps, the Swedish parliament, the government, counties and authorities, as well as representatives from the Swedish business community, science, culture and sport.

The guests, who numbered approximately 150, were received and greeted by The King, The Queen and The Crown Princess in the "Vita Havet" assembly rooms. The dinner was held in Karl XI's Gallery.

Seating arrangements

The King accompanied the wife of the Speaker, psychiatrist Ylwa Westerberg, to the table. Minister Christina Husmark Pehrsson was seated on The King's left. The Queen was accompanied to the table by Speaker Per Westerberg, and Minister Mats Odell, who accompanied Princess Christina to the table, was seated on her other side. The Crown Princess was accompanied to the table by Minister Andreas Carlgren. Speaker Per Westerberg was seated on Crown Princess Victoria's right.


The menu comprised a medium rare fillet of veal with sardine dressing; deep-fried beef and “jungfru" salad with mature parmesan; grilled fillet of monkfish with creamy puy lentils, red wine sauce made from oxtail and lobster-filled raviolo; grilled fillet of beef with fried duck liver from free-range ducks, accompanied by a truffle gravy and spinach garnish; and for dessert, a creation featuring beetroot with chocolate and blood orange.