Crown Princess attends seminar in Gränna on Arctic

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Motiv: The Crown Princess and Professor Anders Karlqvist, Director of the Polar Research Secretariat, at the seminar on the Arctic. Photo: Mikael Fritzon, Scanpix.
The Crown Princess took part in a seminar on the Arctic at the Polar Centre at Grenna Museum on Wednesday 10 February.
The seminar began with a discussion between The Crown Princess and Director of the Polar Research Secretariat, Professor Anders Karlqvist. They gave an account of Crown Princess Victoria's visit to Abisko Scientific Research Station, her journey with the icebreaker Oden in the Arctic Ocean and visit to Greenland .

"Having the chance to spend so much time in the company of several researchers was both inspiring and informative. When we travelled with Oden it was fascinating to see how the ship has become a meeting place for researchers," said The Crown Princess.