Calves out to pasture

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Motiv: From left: Simgus, Simmental and Aberdeen Angus calves. Photo: the Royal Court.
Veal was served at the wedding banquet on 19 June 2010 from H.M. The King's organic stock of animals at the Stenhammar Estate. Now members of the same herd have been sent out to pasture at the Gothic Tower at Drottningholm.
The Stenhammar Estate breeds Simmental, Aberdeen Angus and Simgus cattle. Breeding projects are underway between the Simmental and Aberdeen Angus breeds at Stenhammar, in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The resulting cross breed is called Simgus. These breeds are well suited to cattle-rearing under Swedish conditions. They create open landscapes and healthy animals.

The King has been pursuing organic livestock farming at Stenhammar since 2005.