Cabinet meeting at the Royal Palace

Motiv: Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Meeting Room at the Royal Palace. Photo: Henrik Garlöv, the Royal Court.
An information cabinet meeting was held at the Royal Palace on Tuesday 18 May.
Three to four information cabinet meetings are held every year, chaired by The King. The Crown Princess also participates in the cabinet meetings.

According to the Constitution Act of 1974, the Prime Minister is responsible for ensuring that the Head of State is kept informed about matters concerning the nation. It is formally The King who convenes the cabinet meeting, but the decision is made in consultation with the Prime Minister.
During the cabinet meetings, each minister present informs The King about political initiatives, investigations and current legislation within their department. The ministers also respond to questions asked by The King and The Crown Princess.

There is another kind of cabinet meeting, called a change of government cabinet meeting, which takes place when the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) elects a new Prime Minister.
The King meets the new government and the Speaker of Parliament after the Prime Minister has announced the ministers who will form the new government. The new government formally takes up its duties once the change of government cabinet meeting has taken place.