World Childhood Foundation celebrates 10th anniversary

Kungen, Drottningen, Kronprinsessan och Prinsessan Madeleine anländer till GöteborgsOperan. Foto: Björn Larsson Rosvall/Scanpix

The King, The Queen, The Crown Princess and Princess Madeleine arriving at the GöteborgOpera. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall/Scanpix

On Monday 18 May, The Queen, Crown Princess and Princess Madeleine visited the organisation Sharafs Hjältar (Honour's Heroes) in Gothenburg, accompanied by representatives from the World Childhood Foundation.

Nigar Ibrahim and her heroes met the group in Kortedala, where they spoke about their work. Afterwards they put on a theatre performance about honour-related violence.

In the evening there was a charity concert at the GöteborgOpera, at which The King praised the commitment of the World Childhood Foundation, and emphasised the importance of understanding the situation faced by children.

In her speech, The Queen explained that over the past ten years, the World Childhood Foundation has supported 500 projects all over the world. The Queen expressed her hope that the same strong commitment would continue in the future.