Queen and Princess Madeleine took part in a seminar on children and internet

Drottningen och Prinsessan Madeleine på Nalen i samband med World Childhood Foundations seminarium. Foto: Claudio Bresciani/Scanpix

The Queen and Princess Madeleine at Nalen in connection with the World Childhood Foundation's seminar. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/Scanpix

On Thursday 17 September, The Queen and Princess Madeleine took part in the World Childhood Foundation's anniversary seminar at Nalen in Stockholm, on the theme of children and the internet.
The seminar included lectures, discussions and panel debates on how the internet can be used as a tool for reaching out to and supporting children in vulnerable situations. The World Childhood Foundation supports a number of projects in Sweden and abroad, which identify and support young people on the internet.