Official dinner at the Royal Palace of Stockholm

Drottningen och Kungen på väg till årets första representationsmiddag på Kungliga slottet. Foto: Scanpix, Leif R Jansson

The King and Queen on their way to the first official dinner of the year at the Royal Palace. Photo: Scanpix, Leif R Jansson

On Thursday evening, The King and Queen held this year's first official dinner for representatives from the diplomatic corps, the Swedish parliament, the government, counties and authorities, as well as representatives from the Swedish business community, science, culture and sport.

The 160 guests were received in the customary manner and welcomed by The King, The Queen, The Crown Princess, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine in the “Vita Havet" assembly rooms, after which the dinner took place in Karl XI´s Gallery.

The menu consisted of lightly smoked tuna with Kalix whitefish roe, pomegranate dressing and cauliflower confit, followed by fried fillet of char with black truffle risotto and beetroot gravy, and fillet of beef with star anise gravy, potatoes glazed with chive cream and baby radishes cooked in port wine. To finish, an exotic dessert of roasted coconut sorbet, passions fruit and pineapple was served.

The King accompanied psychiatrist Ylwa Westerberg, wife of the Speaker, to the table. Seated on The King´s left was Minister Beatrice Ask. The Queen was accompanied to the table by Speaker Per Westerberg, and Minister Mats Odell, who accompanied The Crown Princess to the table, was seated on her other side. Minister Tobias Billström was seated on The Crown Princess's right. Prince Carl Philip accompanied Minister Beatrice Ask to the table, and Minister Maud Olofsson was seated on his left. Princess Madeleine was accompanied to the table by Spain's Ambassador, H.E. Hr Enrique Viguera, and Speaker Per Westerberg was seated on her other side. Princess Christina Mrs Magnuson was accompanied to the table by Azerbaijan's Ambassador, H.E. Hr. Rafael Ibrahimov, and Minister Andreas Carlgren was seated on her right.

See guest list in the menu on the right.