King, Queen and Crown Princess visit Ratan och Sävar

Kungaparet, Kronprinsessan och näringsminister Maud Olofsson tittar på en tredimensionell och taktil karta över slagfältet vid Ratan i Robertsfors. Kartan är också försedd med blindskrift. Foto: Fredrik Sandberg, Scanpix

The King and Queen, The Crown Princess and Minister for Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson looking at a three-dimensional, tactile map of the battle field at Ratan in Robertsfors. The map is also equipped with Braille. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg, Scanpix

Two hundred years ago today, on 19 August 1809, the last conclusive battle took place on Swedish soil in Sävar, around 16 km north of Umeå. It was in Sävar that the Russians defeated the last major Swedish troop.

The Swedes retreated to Ratan, and the Russians followed. On 20 August, the two forces met at Ratan. It is the last battle that was concluded in Sweden. It was here that the Swedes defeated the Russians.

The King and Queen and The Crown Princess are visiting Ratan and Sävar to mark the final battle on Swedish soil, and the bicentenary of the separation of Finland from Sweden.

At Ratan, The King and Queen and Crown Princess were met by Ingrid Sundbom, chair of the local authority, and local government commissioner, Lars Bäckström.

The way was lined with hundreds of visitors during the short walk from Tullgården to the quay.

Following this, The Queen inaugurated a tactile map of Ratan.

The disembarkation in Ratan was re-enacted to remind everyone of the historical events of 1809.

In Sävar, The King and Queen and Crown Princess were welcomed by local government commissioner Marie-Louise Rönnmark. They were also met by thousands of people. The final battle on Swedish soil was re-enacted in an attempt to recreate the battle in Sävar.

In the evening, a dinner was hosted at the governor's official residence in Umeå.