King promotes Swedish music

Mary Ljungquist Hén, hovorganist, Stefan Forsberg, Konserthuschef, Kungaparet samt dirigent Gustaf Sjökvist

Mary Ljungquist Hén, court organist, Stefan Forsberg, Director of the Stockholm Concert Hall, The King and Queen, and conductor Gustaf Sjökvist

On 30 April, a CD was released on the initiative of The King. The CD, conducted by Gustaf Sjökvist, features three Swedish works.
  • "God in Disguise" by Lars-Erik Larsson, with text by Hjalmar Gullberg
  • "Concert piece for piano and orchestra" by Ludvig Norman
  • "Prayer to the Sun" by Jan Sandström, with text by Karin Boye

When the Royal Academy of Music wanted to present The King with a work as a 60th birthday present, The King made his wishes clear: a work that was linked to the environment and nature - a cantata that would appeal to the wider public and that could be used in various settings. The result was “Prayer to the Sun", in which composer Jan Sandström set Karin Boye's poem to music. The work for soloist, choir and orchestra was performed for the first time on Walpurgis Night in 2006.

The King was a child when he heard “God in Disguise" for the first time, and the piece has been a favourite of his ever since.

The King himself provided the photographs for the cover and the CD sleeve.

The CD is on sale in the Royal Gift Shop, and will be presented as a gift during state visits and other official events.