King opens exhibition at Läckö Castle

Kungen vid invigningen av Läckö slotts sommarutställning "Kungliga gåvor". Foto: Fabbe

The King at the opening of Läckö Castle's summer exhibition, "Royal gifts". Photo: Fabbe

On Wednesday 3 June, The King opened the summer exhibition, "Royal Gifts," at Läckö Castle.
The exhibition is in two parts: the first includes exclusive state gifts from the collections of the National Museum , the Royal Armoury and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities. The display includes gifts from foreign sovereigns to Swedish rulers during Läckö's heyday, 1614–1792.

The second part of the exhibition includes gifts from rulers to individuals. This part reflects the monarchy's relationship with the Swedish people. It includes stunning miniature portraits of Gustav III, a pair of gloves left by Queen Kristina, and a folding chair that is thought to have followed Karl XII into the battlefield.