King opens exhibition at Grafikens Hus

Kungen under sitt invigningstal på Grafikens Hus. Foto: Kajsa-Helene Almstedt/Mariefredstidning MÅSEN

The King making his opening speech at Grafikens Hus. Photo: Kajsa-Helene Almstedt/Mariefredstidning MÅSEN

On Wednesday 27 May, The King opened the exhibition “From The King's Graphic Arts Collection - maps in war, peace, dreams and reality," at Grafikens Hus in Mariefred. The exhibition is a graphical journey of discovery through history, with map in hand.
Exhibition managers Karl Haskel and Mikael Kihlman introduced the exhibition and spoke about the royal graphic arts collection and this year's theme, "Historical maps."

In his opening speech, The King spoke of his interest in maps, and said that maps provide much more than guidance. There is often a story behind them as well.