King and Queen visit Östergötland

Kungen och Drottningen vid Kinda kanal på besök i Östergötland. Foto: Göran Billesson

The King and Queen by Kinda canal during their visit to Östergötland. Photo: Göran Billesson

On Thursday 14 May, The King and Queen paid a visit to Östergötland.

The day began with a boat trip from Hackefors to Linköping along the Kinda canal. Afterwards, The King and Queen travelled by train from Rimforsa to Kisa. The train made a stop at Slätmon on the way. The inhabitants of Slätmon have been waiting for such a visit since 1902. Back then, King Oskar II took this very train journey via Slätmon, but the train did not stop there on that occasion due to delays. The inhabitants of Slätmon have been waiting for a royal visit ever since, and on Thursday it finally happened.

The day ended in Kisa. The King paid a visit to the company BTT Plåt, and The Queen visited a home for the elderly, Bergdala.