King and Queen visit Gävleborg County

Kungen och Drottning träffar djurskötaren Ing-Marie Persson den moderlösa schimpasungen Selma under sitt besök på Furuviksparken. Foto: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

The King and Queen meet animal carer Ing-Marie Persson with the motherless baby chimpanzee Selma during their visit to Furuvikspark. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

On Thursday 19 March, The King and Queen paid a visit to Gävleborg. They were welcomed by County Governor Barbro Holmberg, together with Chair of the Municipal Executive Board Carin Blank and Furuvikspark's MD, Tom Widorsson.

The visit began at Furuvikspark, where the King and Queen had the opportunity to meet Selma the chimpanzee and her carer, Ing-Marie Persson.

Kungen och Drottningen åker ånglok från Furuviksparken till Järnvägsmuseet i Gävle. Foto:Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

The King and Queen take the steam engine from Furuvikspark to the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle. Photo: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

Afterwards, the King and Queen were taken by steam engine to the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle. Pupils from Hemlinby School waved them off at Furuvik Station.

After lunch at the Högbo Bruk Hotel, The King visited Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB, while The Queen visited perfume company Björk & Berries.

In the afternoon, The King and Queen paid a visit to Göranssonska School in Sandviken. Afterwards the journey continued to Göransson Arena, where there was a performance by Jappz Rock Orchestra. The King made a short speech, in which he referred to Sandviken Municipality's faith in the future and its investments in research and skills development.

The day ended with the King and Queen meeting Gävle residents on the steps of Gävle Castle. In the evening, a dinner was held at Gasklockorna, where the guests were entertained by Ale Möller together with Aly Bain and Bruce Molsky. Invited dinner guests included those who had participated in the King and Queen's visits during the day.