King and Queen spend final day of state visit in Groningen

Kungaparet tillsammans med Drottning Beatrix på promenad i Groningen. Foto Patrick van Katwijk / Scanpix

The King and Queen here with Queen Beatrix on a walk in Groningen. Photo: Patrick van Katwijk/Scanpix

On Thursday 23 April, The King and Queen began by visiting Groningen Seaports during their state visit to the Netherlands. During the visit, development plans for the port on the theme of sustainability were presented. The economic significance of the port for Scandinavia was also discussed.

Afterwards there was a visit to BioMCN, a company that produces bio-methanol, and which is located in the port area.

The final stop for the state visit was the university city of Groningen. The King and Queen strolled through central Groningen as far as the university, accompanied by Queen Beatrix. The University of Groningen was founded in 1614, and is particularly renowned for its research within nanotechnology.