The King Visited World Championships Biathlon 2008

in Östersund

HMK Östersund
Wolfgang Pichler, Staffan Eklund and H.M. the King.
Photo: Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix
King Carl XVI Gustaf visited the town of Östersund and the World Championships in Biathlon 2008 on February 13th. He was a given a presentation and guided tour of the arena by among others Maggi Mikalesson, the Governor of Jämtland, Björn Eriksson, Chairman of the Swedish Biathlon Association, the Swedish National Team Captain Staffan Eklund and Coach Wolfgang Pichler.
After a lunch with the Swedish National Biathlon Team, the King visited the newly re-opened Wintersports Center, a research center for wintersports which part of  Mid Sweden University in Östersund.
The King was scheduled to watch the women´s 15-kilometer event. However, due to strong winds in Östersund that day, it was postponed to the following day.