King and Queen visit Västergötland

Kungaparet åker landå vid besök i Essunga

Photo:Johan Främst/Kamerabild/IBL

On 9 October, The King and Queen visited Essunga Municipality in Västergötland. On arrival at Nossebro, The King and Queen were greeted by chair of the Municipal Executive Board, Barbro Gustafsson, and municipal CEO Bo Cardier. They were then taken by horse and carriage through the town to the square, where a welcome ceremony took place, including a short theatre piece - King Anund and Queen Astrid - telling the history of the district.

Vindstorp and Ginza

The King and Queen then visited Vindstorp, a dairy farm. The King and Queen were told about the farm and agriculture in the municipality.

The King and Queen then travelled on to Fåglum and visited Ginza ,Sweden´s leading mail order company for music, films and games.

Kungaparet träffar Sharfs hjältar

Photo: Adam Ihse/Scanpix

Alingsås and Göteborg

In the afternoon, The King and Queen went to Alingsås, where they visited the Passive House Centre.

In the evening, The King and Queen attended a concert by Göteborg´s symphony orchestra, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel.

On Saturday 11 October, The King and Queen visited Vinga School in Kortedala, as well as the organisation “Sharafs Hjältar" (Honour´s Heroes).