Allocation of seats for photo and media positions at the wedding between H.R.H. Princess Madeleine och Mr. Christopher O'Neill on June 8, 2013

A position card is required for access to the organised positions around the Royal Palace, the cortège and at Drottningholm Palace (positions marked 1-10 on map).
Click on the image for larger map.

Click on the image for larger map.

There will also be good opportunities for media representatives to stand in public areas along the route of the cortège.

Position cards  will be handed out at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs International Press Centre
(address: Fredsgatan 6).

Friday 7 June  9.00—20.00 
Saturday 8 June from 9.00
N.B. Valid press card and photo ID required.

Media listed below have applied for and have been allocated a seat at the respective position. 
(Application period was 16-27 May.)


1. INNER COURTYARD, THE ROYAL PALACE – Checkpoint A Museum Tre Kronor at 12.00!

Media position (still photo, TV/web cameras, reporters)
Ladders allowed
Abaca, Aftonbladet (2), Action Presse, AFP, Agencia EFE, Agentur Schneider, Alfaqui, Allover, Allpix, ARD, BILD, BilledBladet , Bulls, Bunte, ddpimages, dpa, DR (2), Expressen (2), Eyewitness, Gala, Getty Images, Her og Nå, Her og Nu, IBL, IPA Press, Kamerapress, Kungliga magasinet, Monarchy Press Europe, nbc news (2) , NTB (2), N-TV Germany (2), Nunn, People Picture, Point de Vue, Pro-7 TV (2), Reuters TV, Rex, Royal Press Europe, Royal Press Photo, Royalportraits, RTL DE (2), Se & Hör, Seelmanfilm, (2), Sipa, Stella Pictures, Lehtikuva, Svensk Damtidning, SVT News (2), TT, TT-Scanpix/Web, TV2Norge (2), TV4Nyheterna (2), UK Press, VG, Wireimage, YLE, ZDF


A limited number of media companies will be allocated a seat for one reporter each at the Wedding Ceremony, by special invitation of the Swedish Royal Court.

TV: Host broadcaster SVT only
Still photo: Host Photo Agency Scanpix only

2. SOUTHERN VAULT, ROYAL PALACE – Checkpoint A Museum Tre Kronor at 14.30!

Photo position: Stairwell in Southern Vault. N.B. NO ladders!
Dress code: Dark suit

Upper Level  (TV/web, still photo): Aftonbladet TV/web, Dagens Nyheter, DR, Expressen TV/web, Eyewitness Pictures, 1stshotDK, Kungliga Magasinet, Newspix Intl, Nunn, Rex, Royal Press Europe, Royal Press Photo, RTL-TV Germany,  Sipa, TT, TT-Scanpix/Web, TV4Nyheterna, UK Press, Wireimage, ZDF/Web

Lower Level  (photo pool — still photographers only) Abaca, Aftonbladet, AFP, Allover Press, Expressen, dpa, Getty Images, IBL, Kamerapress, Stella Pictures


Media position (still photo, TV/web camera, reporters)
Ladders allowed
Abaca, AFP, Aftonbladet (2), AgenciaGetresonline, AgencyBlowup, Allover, Aller/MHeikkilä, Anna, AP-TV, ARD (2), BilledBladet, Expressen (2), FacetoFace, Getty Images, IBL, Iltalehti (2), Kamerapress, LecturasRBA, Monarchy Press Europe, nbcnews (2), NRK, NTB, People Picture, PressAssociation, ReutersTV, Royal Press Europe, RoyalPortraits, Sipa, Stella Pictures, Svensk Damtidning, Sveriges Radio, Tokyo Broadcasting System (3), TT, TT-Scanpix/Webb, TV4Nyheterna (2), TV2Norge (2), UKPress, Wikimedia, Wireimage, YLE (2), ZDF (2)

4. OUTER COURTYARD, THE ROYAL PALACE – Checkpoint B Storkyrkobrinken at 13.30!

Media position. (still photo, TV/web camera, reporters)
Ladders allowed

ABC, Aftonbladet (2), Aftonkuriren (2), AgencyBLowup, AgencyPeopleImages, Alfaqui, AllerMediaFinland (2), Allpix, Anna, ARD (2), Bestimage, BILD; BlauwBloedTV (2), ChrystalPictures, DN, DPA, DR-TV (2), Euroimagen, Expressen (2), Eyewitness, Getty Images, IltaSanomat, KCSPresse, Kungliga Magasinet, LaVanguardia, Lecturas, Ljusnan (2), Objektiv Press, PhotoAgencyLocalpic, RoyalPress, Royalty, SabineBrauerPhoto, Stella Pictures, SVTNews (2), TheLocal, TT, TT-Scanpix/Web TV4Nyheterna (2), Xinhua

5. GUSTAV III STATY – THE STATUE OF GUSTAV III — Meeting point: 17.00!

Media position (still photo, TV/web camera, reporters).  
NO ladders!

Aftonbladet, Allpix, Expressen, GlobalTimes, KCSPresse, Kungliga Magasinet, MiPMedia, PointdeVue, RTL-TV (2), StellaPictures, TT-Scanpix/Web, TV4Nyheterna, VisualPressAgency,


Media position (still photo, TV/web camera, reporters).
Ladders allowed.

Aftonbladet (2), Aftonkuriren, DN, EliotPress, Eurodigest, Expressen (2), IltaSanomat, I-Mediat Oy (2), Kungliga Magasinet, Majesty Magazine, Markbladet, MediehusetNettavisen, NDR Radio, TV2Norge (2), People´s Daily, YeniBirlik, 1+1Channel (2)

7. LEJONBACKEN, THE ROYAL PALACE – Checkpoint C Mynttorget at 17.00!

Photo/TV  position  (still photo, TV/web cameras).
NO ladders!

1stShotDK, Aftonbladet, Allover, Allpix, dpa, Expressen, nbc news, RTL-TV Germany, TT-ScanpixWeb, StellaPictures, TV2Norge, TV4Nyheterna

8. SVEA HOVRÄTT, RIDDARHOLMEN — Meeting point: 16.30!

Photo/TV position on steps (still photo, TV/web cameras).
NO ladders!

Aftonbladet, Aftonkuriren, AlexandersImages, Expressen, Eyewitness, TT-Scanpix/Web

9. THE QUAY, RIDDARHOLMEN — Meeting point: 16.30!

Media position (still photo, TV/web camera, reporters).
Ladders allowed.

Abaca, ActionPress, Aftonbladet (2),  AcencyBlowup, Allover,  Allpix,  AllerMediaTV FI, BILD, BilledBladet (2), DN, dpa, Expressen (2), Eyewitness, FacetoFace, GettyImages, IBL, ImageboxScandinavia, Kamerapress, Kungliga Magasinet, LecturasRBA, MediehusetNettavisen, Newspix, N-TVGerman (2), Nunn, PhotoPassion, Rex, RTL-TV/Germany (2), Royalty, SevenPixNews, Sipa, Stella Pictures, Svensk Damtidning, SVT-News (2), TT, TT-Scanpix/Web , TV2DK (2), TV2Norge (2),  TV4Nyheterna (2), UKPress, Wireimage,

10. DROTTNINGHOLM PALACE - Checkpoint D ”Karamellan”/Drottningholms Slottscafé at 18.00!

Media position outdoors, lakeside (still photo, TV/web camera, reporters).
Ladders allowed.

Aftonbladet (2), Aftonbladet TV (2), Aftonkuriren, Agenciagetresonline, AgencyPeopleImageAPI, AgenturSchneiderPresse, Alfaqui, AllerMedia, Allover, Allpix, AnnaMedia, ARD (2), Bestimage, BilledBladet, BlauwBloed (2), Bulls, BUNTE, Cihannews, ddpimages, DR (2), Eliot, EuroimagenCommunicacion, Expressen (2), ExpressenTV (2), Eyewitness, FacetoFace, Gala, GettyImages, Her og Nå, Her & Nu, IBL, IPAPress, Kamerapress, KCSPresse, Kungliga Magasinet, MonarchyPress Europe, NTB (2), Nunn, ObjektivPress, PointdeVue, Pro7Austria (2), Rex, RoyalPressEurope, RoyalPortraits, RTLGerman (2), SabineBrauerPhotos, Se og Hör, Se&Hör, TT-Scanpix/web, SevenPix, Sipa, Stella Pictures, StoryMagazine/RadioFM, Svensk Damtidning, SVTNews (2), TV2Norge (2) TT, UKPress, Xinhua, VisualPressAgency, Wireimage, Yahoo

*** The allocation of seats has been administered by The Swedish Royal Court Information Department, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs International Press Centre and TU/Pressens Fotopool. Decisions on the allocation cannot be appealed. Finally it should be stressed that decisions on the composition and size of media positions are at the organizers' discretion.


International media — Contact point/Media Centre: MFA International Press Centre
Read more atänk till annan webbplats

Host Broadcaster: Swedish Television
Host broadcaster for the Royal Wedding is the Swedish public service broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT). For more information regarding broadcasting rights, please contact Sveriges Television: Ms Cecilia Larsson, phone +46 70 884 7369 e-mail: and David Hagen, press officer, phone +46 8 784 78 22, e-mail:

Official Photo Agency: Scanpix
Scanpix is the official photo agency for the Royal Wedding. For questions please contact Scanpix: Mr Erhan Güner, Manager - International Department, phone +46 70 522 66 06 E-mail: