H.K.H. Kronprinsessans öppningsanförande vid 2021 Virtual Keystone Dialogue, 4 oktober 2021

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Dear SeaBOS colleagues!

I would like to extend a special welcome to our new CEOs, Shingo Hamada and Helene Ziv Douki. Let me also congratulate our Korean friends on their National Foundation Day; I very much appreciate that you are joining us for the dialogue despite your important holiday.

Ladies and Gentlemen. It has been almost five years since the first Keystone Dialogue was held in November 2016 and eight of the world’s largest seafood companies produced a joint statement of collaboration.

Some of you were present at that meeting. Others have joined along the way. But all of you have invested time, effort and courage in this initiative.

Five years can be a long time or a short time, depending on your perspective, But I think it’s enough time to ask the question: “Is SeaBOS a success?”

Maybe that is not for me to say... But if I had to – I would say “yes, yes – and no.”

As some of you know, I have had the privilege of being part of this initiative since that first Keystone Dialogue in the Maldives in 2016. What you may not know, though, is that I was not alone at that time. I was in fact traveling with my then infant son, Prince Oscar.

Oscar is now five years old, running around and laughing, proud of every new achievement – and constantly keeping his parents busy...

He has grown so much since those sunny days five years ago. And so, my friends, has SeaBOS!

Since this initiative took its first few steps, it is now not only up, but running. You have moved from words to action. And now – it is time for results.

This brings me back to the question whether SeaBOS is a success. As I said, I would like to answer that with two yeses, and one no.

First: Yes, SeaBOS is a success – because you, the leaders of the seafood industry, have managed to agree on a set of ambitious and difficult goals. I commend you for your courage in this; I know that for you and the companies you represent, honouring your commitments is extremely important.

Second: Yes, SeaBOS is a success – because it has reached far beyond your own industry. You are a source of inspiration. Not just to me, and to your peers – but to other industry sectors, to scientists, and to political leaders. There are now several global initiatives working with the keystone actor model to achieve transformation. Initiatives that would most probably not have existed today if it wasn't for the leadership that you have demonstrated.

And third: No, SeaBOS is not a success, not just yet. Our world most certainly needs hope, and SeaBOS inspires hope. However, our world also needs proof – and is waiting to see it.

Dear SeaBOS members: You are the front runners. And now, you need to maintain your lead. You need to prove to the world that it is actually possible to come together, as competitors, and transform a global industry. And when you do, I am hopeful that many others will follow in your footsteps.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am truly excited about this CEO meeting. I look forward to hearing about how you are managing to reach your goals, and the challenges that you are facing along the way.

Thank you and the best of luck with today’s meeting!