HM The King's speech at the National Palace

National Palace, Mexico City

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Mr. President
Ms. Gutiérrez Müller,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me begin by expressing our sincere gratitude to you Mr. President López Obrador and Ms. Gutiérrez Müller. It was with joy we received your invitation to embark on a new state visit to Mexico and we are honored to be here. Her Majesty the Queen and I truly appreciate your gracious hospitality, the warm welcome and the engaging program extended to us.

This state visit aims to further strengthen our bilateral relationship and the economic and political ties between Mexico and Sweden, with a focus on innovation, trade, and investments.

Her Majesty the Queen and I are also very grateful for the opportunity to experience your valuable cultural heritage. We have just come from a captivating, guided tour of the lovely murals at the National Palace. In the coming days we look forward to learning more and gaining a deeper understanding of the rich culture of your beautiful country.

This is our third state visit to Mexico. On each occasion, Her Majesty the Queen and I have been enthralled by the beauty of the Mexican landscape, the fascinating history of your country, and the warm hospitality of your people. We expect this time to be no exception!

At the end, let me warmly thank you for this very good and pleasant lunch!