HM The King's speech at the inauguration of the exhibition Stockholmia 2019

Stockholm Waterfront

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Your Excellency,
Honorary Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Sweden and to Stockholm!

Stamps and postal history reflect a global connection among peoples and societies.

In much the same way, this community is truly international and brings together collectors, dealers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

And I am very pleased that Stockholm is hosting this exhibition.

There have been important international philatelic exhibitions in Stockholm three times before: in 1955, 1974 and 1986. Both in 1974 and 1986, I had the honour of being Patron and to inaugurate the exhibitions.

The first time I saw the world famous "Treskilling Yellow" was at the 1974 exhibition. Now, it is displayed in the exhibition's Court of Honour, by Swedish collector Gustaf Douglas. I look forward to once again seeing this "crown jewel of stamps collections".

Ladies and gentlemen. Stockholmia 2019 celebrates the 150th anniversary of The Royal Philatelic Society London. And I have understood that the exhibition started with 12 frames containing a prominent display from the Society's Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Compared to Britain, Sweden does not have a strong royal tradition of collecting stamps. However, both my grandfather and my father entertained this noble hobby, and their collections are a part of my family's history.

As some of you may know, this exhibition is held on historic grounds. Or, at least, on grounds with a close historical connection to stamps.

In 1926 a large building for mail sorting, Stockholms Bangårds-postoffice, was inaugurated here. Later on it became the Postterminal Stockholm Klara, which existed until the year 2000.

After that, the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre complex was built, to host large-scale meetings and events such as this in the heart of Stockholm.

As a proud patron of Stockholmia 2019, I would like to wish the organisers the best of luck. It is my hope that this exhibition may in the future be recognised as a new milestone for stamps.

I hereby declare the Stockholmia 2019 open!

Thank you.