HRH Prince Carl Philip's inauguration speech at Rally Sweden


(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends,

It is an honour to welcome you all to Rally Sweden and to Värmland!

Rally Sweden has the largest tv audience in motor sports. And it is one of the most popular events on Swedish public service television. This year should be no exception to that rule. We have some exciting days ahead of us, with a truly star-studded line-up.

I am glad that broadcasting gives so many people an opportunity to follow the rally. But as a passionate motor sport fan, I have to admit: Nothing beats being out there for real.

I think many of you know what I’m talking about: standing outside in the wintery Värmland forest, with thousands of other spectators. The cars pass by in seconds, but the feeling lasts a lot longer.

This is a unique classical rally event. The quietness, the cold and the snow meets speed, energy and skillfulness. This is what Rally Sweden is all about. This is why we all love to come back year after year. It’s really a great atmosphere. And I look forward to seeing you out there tomorrow.

I want to wish all the drivers good luck in the competition. May the best team and driver win!

To all of you spectators: Take care of each other and be safe out there.

And please help me to appreciate all the fantastic volunteers! Without them you would never have such a great Rally experience.

Now, I am happy to declare Rally Sweden open.