HM The Queen's welcome speech at Future of Health Care

Tokyo, Japan

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Ladies and gentlemen.

Good morning.

This year, Sweden and Japan are celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations. We are happy to see that the relationship between our two countries remains strong and stretches over many important areas and industries, including health care.

Health care concerns all of us – as patients, as family members and as citizens. It is also an area of rapid development, driven by the needs of an ageing population and by the possibilities of new technology.

Prevention, early detection and improved treatments are all keys to improved quality of life.

This morning’s seminar will focus on how digitalization and better use of data can help improve both health care and public health.

Digitalization in health care had an early start in Sweden, with digital health records and the first national quality registries being introduced already some 40 years ago.

I am glad to see professionals from many different fields and from both of our countries here today to share experiences and to discuss this important matter. With similar demographic challenges, Japan and Sweden stand to gain from more cooperation on the future of health and health care.

Let me wish you a successful seminar and fruitful discussions.

Thank you.