HM The King's speech at Uddeholm Tooling AB

(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Mrs. Governor,
Representatives from voestalpine Böhler-Uddeholm,
Uddeholm and the community of Hagfors,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Uddeholm is one of the many classic companies, on which Sweden once built its prosperity. It was very much on our basic industries such as iron and steel, mining, and forestry, pulp and paper that Sweden was built upon.

Uddeholm as a company had all this and more, particularly rivers, from which the company could source its own electricity to power its many mills and production units.

Uddeholm has for many years now been concentrating its production on steel, primarily tool steel. As a result the company has been able to continue to assert itself in the competition on the world market. In fact, it has also very much adopted the role of leading developments forward.

Companies like Uddeholm are therefore important partners for other industrial sectors as well, especially the global manufacturing industry, in developing new products and new materials.

However, to carry on year after year delivering at a high level in the tough international competition nowadays, requires professional know-how and long-term investments to thereby lay the financial foundation for the company to survive in the future.

Today's launch indicates that Uddeholm in voestalpine has this kind of owner. The owners are willing to invest not only in technology, but also in a higher capacity. This makes it possible to make a breakthrough on the global market. The forging press, unveiled today, is an important milestone. I wish the company good luck in the future and hereby declare the new press inaugurated.