HRH Crown Princess Victoria's opening speech at Interfaith Climate Summit


(The spoken version shall take precedence)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to welcome you here in Uppsala for the Interfaith Climate Summit.

It is a pleasure for me to open this important meeting with its great number of experts and representatives from all major faith traditions.

By bringing people from different places, faiths, and convictions we get a broader understanding of the environmental issue.

The main point of interfaith is to understand what connects humanity and not what divides us. The well-being of future generations is important to all of us. We owe them a planet with clean air and water, food, and health.

This event will draw attention to our shared responsibility and to give hope to the world. Furthermore the meeting here in Uppsala will result in a Manifesto, which will have an impact on the world leaders challenge to improve our global climate.

All positive forces need to work together for renewal of the Kyoto protocol in 2012.

By this I wish you luck and inspiration in your important work and declare this Interfaith Climate Summit open.

Thank you.