The Crown Princess speaks at Swedes Worldwide's parliament

On Tuesday 31 August, The Crown Princess sent a digital greeting to the opening of Swedes Worldwide's parliament.

The Crown Princess sent her greeting from Haga Palace.

The Crown Princess sent her greeting from Haga Palace. Photo: Sara Friberg/The Royal Court of Sweden

Swedes Worldwide's parliament brings together expat Swedes, experts and politicians to discuss solutions to the challenges faced by Swedes abroad in relation to Swedish regulations. The parliament is held every other year, and was broadcast digitally from a studio this year.

The Crown Princess opened the parliament with a speech, in which she said:

Throughout history, millions of Swedes have followed their fortunes abroad. Many of them have subsequently returned home with new knowledge, experience and contacts. In this way, our nation's prosperity has been built – and continues to be built to this day.

HRH The Crown Princess

Swedes Worldwide

The parliament for expat Swedes is arranged by Swedes Worldwide, an independent non-profit organisation which has worked since 1938 to improve and make use of international experience and expertise. This involves lobbying work, acting as a referral body and providing information and support to the 660,000 Swedes working, studying and living abroad, and to those who return to Sweden.