H.K.H. Kronprinsessans digitala avslutningsanförande vid 2022 Santpoort Keystone Dialogue

Kungl. Slottet, Stockholm

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Dear friends,

Thank you for this informative tour around the world and your companies. I am excited to hear about these developments.

Your commitments cover a broad range of issues. If you are able to define how progress on these issues can be addressed, you will have provided important leadership for an entire industry – as well as an example for others.

The headline for this last session was: “How to ensure transformative progress and outcomes?” This is exactly what people seem to be asking everywhere.

However, few have the capacity and the willpower to start a transformative movement. Even fewer people have the necessary vision and long-term perspective to maintain it and to keep moving forward.

But I am convinced that this group does. When industry and science work together, you can achieve transformation! I am pleased to see that there is a shared desire to accomplish this, and to provide the necessary leadership.

Dear friends! Since 2016, you have been busy providing a foundation. That was important. Now, you need to show that you are capable of leading a transformation. Demonstrating such leadership depends on everyone in this room. But there are a few people I would thank and encourage in particular:

First, I want to thank Therese Log Bergjord for her leadership and all of her hard work over the last few years. Dear friends: send my best regards to Therese for her speedy recovery, and please do everything you can to support this important next step of SeaBOS.

Second, I am grateful that long-term supporter Khun Thiraphong is now taking on the role as chair of SeaBOS. Good luck with this important task – I trust that you will accomplish great things!

Third, I look forward to the Dialogue in October next year. Doctor Lee: you have been a valued member of the SeaBOS family ever since the start in the Maldives in 2016. And next year, in Korea, I hope that you will have some exciting news to share with us of progress for SeaBOS as a group. I look forward to that!

And for the rest of you: You know that I always ask you to work harder. Today is no different. We all have to do more!

Thank you for making me proud of what you have achieved to date. I am convinced that you will continue to do impressive and exciting things in the years to come. Please keep me posted on all your progress!