H.K.H. Kronprinsessans tal vid invigning av utställningen Images that change the world

Rom, Italien

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For centuries, innovation has been a trademark of Swedish business. With inventions such as the three-point belt, the pacemaker and Bluetooth, Swedish ideas have made our world safer, healthier and more connected.

Innovation is the foundation of Sweden’s prosperity. A foundation that has given our country a competitive edge.

Today, a growing number of successful companies recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion to retain that edge.

New ideas do not materialize out of nothing. They come from people:

People who see things from a different angle,
people who question the status quo,
people who do not always fit the mould.
To break new ground, we need to challenge ourselves; the way we look at the world – and each other.

It is my hope that this exhibition will help us do that.
Now, it is my honour to declare the exhibition “Images that change the world”, open!