H.M. Konungens inledningstal Royal Colloquium

Rosersbergs slott

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Welcome to the 12th Royal Colloquium and to Rosersberg’s castle!

This is one of Sweden’s 11 royal castles, built in 1634. Its last royal residents were my ancestor Jean Baptiste Bernadotte – Karl XIV Johan – and his wife, Queen Desideria, who liked to spend their summers here. When you look out at these beautiful surroundings, you can really understand why.

I am glad to see so many sharp minds gathered here today!

Some of you I have met in previous Royal Colloquiums, and some of you are participating for the first time. I look forward to interesting discussions. And I hope to see all of you on Wednesday evening for dinner at the Royal Castle in Stockholm!

All my life, I have had a strong interest in the environment. It is almost 25 years since I first initiated the idea of a Royal Colloquium: Bringing together a selected group of leading experts,
in an informal setting, to discuss issues related to the environment.

From the start until today we have covered a wide range of issues – such as energy, food, water, employment and poverty. And we have discussed these matters from many different angles.

Looking back, I have had the privilege to observe how the environmental agenda has developed over the years. Science has made progress. And leaders in our societies have come together on a global scale. But we have also seen new major problems emerge – such as climate change.

This year’s Royal Colloquium is planned to be the final activity in this series of meetings. We hope to send a message to new generations, who will lead the development for the future.

The environment remains a matter of great importance to all of us.
Today and tomorrow. For our well-being, but even for the survival of mankind.

Many problems will have to be solved in the years ahead. So, cooperation is necessary. Between countries, and between different fields of science: We need to work together!

This has been the core idea of the Royal Colloquium. To gather expertise from different parts of society. To exchange ideas.
And to learn from each other’s experience and knowledge.

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. During 25 years, Royal Colloquium has played a key role in bringing these parts together. In my opinion, that is a great achievement.

With that, I once again welcome you to the Royal Colloquium 2016!

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