H.K.H. Kronprinsessans tal vid UHR:s kontaktseminarium för högre utbildning

Lima, Peru

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Thank you for your kind invitation to the University of Lima.

It’s a privilege to meet enthusiastic students, and staff who are passionate about education. Furthermore Prince Daniel and I have learned more about the possibilities that are made available to Peruvian students through scholarships.

I’m particularly delighted to hear that the Ministry of Education‘s “BECA 18-scholarships” provide young people in poverty access to higher education.

Surely there is no greater investment for the future of Peru than to give all young Peruvians the opportunity to educate themselves.

Through cooperation with the Swedish Council for Higher Education the scholarships also give Peruvian students the possibility to study at a Swedish university.

Now Sweden may seem far away, but when the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa came to Sweden five years ago to accept the Nobel Prize in literature he said:

“I never felt like a foreigner in Europe or, in fact, anywhere. In all the places I have lived… …I felt at home. I have always found a lair where I could live in peace, work, learn things, nurture dreams, and find friends, good books to read, and subjects to write about.”

I’m sure that those of you who decide to study in Sweden will also find a place to feel at home, to nurture your dreams, and to bring excellence to the sciences or the arts. And perhaps one day, some of you will return to Stockholm to accept your very own Nobel Prize.

I would therefore like to extend a warm welcome to hopeful students; we look forward to having you, welcome to Sweden!

Thank you.

Till toppen