H.K.H. Kronprinsessans tal vid World Child & Youth Forum

Kungl. Slottet, Stockholm

(Det talade ordet gäller)

I would like to thank you all for coming to the Royal Palace to participate in this year's World Child & Youth Forum.

Thank you all for sharing your ideas and experiences on how to improve the living conditions of all children.

I hope that the World Child & Youth Forum can become a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience where we together — in different ways — can contribute to protect and support children's rights in new and collaborative ways.

Our vision is to create an exciting and creative cross sector arena and meeting place where ideas, practical experience and research can be shared and from which we all can get inspiration for further action.

Let us now all ask ourselves the questions – what action should I take that has a positive impact for children? How can I use my capacity, skills and platform in society to make real change?

My hope is that you feel that you today have been given tools, ideas and good examples so that you all find it worthwhile becoming rolemodels by adopting the values of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

I do hope that you feel inspired, energized and empowered.

Let me end with a more personal thought;
When I see all of you gathered here today
so many of you representing strong and important businesses I think of Pippi Longstocking.
I'm sure you have heard about this red braided girl with super natural strengths in Astrid Lindgrens children's books.
Pippis philosophy is that

“The stronger you are,
The kinder you have to be"

In your strength I see an enormous potential for kindness. Imagine the positive impact you can make.

Let us show the world's children that we are not just here to talk – but to share and to work together.

Let us show with action that this is possible.

Thank you