H.M. Konungens välkomsttal, Jamboreen i Kristianstad


(Det talade ordet gäller)

Dear Friends of Scouting,

First of all, I wish to welcome you all to Sweden and this Jamboree here in Kristianstad!

I am very pleased to see so many scouts and leaders at the camp today.

As many of you already know I have been a scout since I was a little boy, and I have attended many scout meetings as well as World Scout Jamborees around the world. It is of course a unique feeling when the opportunity arises and we get to host this fantastic event. I have personally seen what a great experience it is for the scouts to attend a Jamboree, and I know that it will be a big adventure for the youngsters that they never forget.

Bearing in mind the dreadful tragedy in Norway on Friday the 22nd of July, we are reminded of the importance in fighting such evilness. However, we should take into consideration that in the days to come, our young scouts may need some extra support in fulfilling their wish to be a true “Messenger for Peace". Therefore, be prepared to be there for them, to answer questions when they feel insecure or console them when they may have doubts about life. Together we stand strong!

The Queen and I will take part in different activities during the Jamboree. We both look forward to meeting with you and the participants from all over the world.

It is wonderful to see the commitment by everyone involved. You, as Heads of Contingent, together with the Swedish hosts have done an excellent job. It is a pleasure to be here in Kristianstad for yet another scouting event. The city has managed to host two large scout events in the past which I have attended.

Finally, I wish that you and your young scouts will have a good time here at the Jamboree. Hopefully you will go back home with new experiences and good memories. Enjoy your time in Sweden and have fun!

Simply scouting!

Thank you!