H.M. Konungens tacktal vid guvernörens middag i Sydney

Sydney, Australien

(Det talade ordet gäller)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for your warm and personal welcome. The Queen and I are delighted to be here. From our daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, we have heard about you, Mrs. Governor and Sir Nicholas, about your warmth and charm. We have also heard about Her impressions from the Maritime Museum and about climbing the bridge.... All very favourable!

Of course the Queen and I have also been here before. We really enjoyed the Olympic Games in the year 2000. The excitement on the arenas and exceptional organization around them are very clear in our memory.

Tomorrow we will visit some successful high tech and biotech companies. We will learn about recent discoveries to enhance security screening and the development of natural medicines, based on the rich Australian flora and fauna.

The Swedish Trade Council and a number of Australian partners have arranged a seminar on so called e-health for organizations and local authorities in the health sector. The aim is to initiate future cooperation, to create business opportunities and to find ways for partnerships between the public sector and industry in both Australia and Sweden.

The Queen has Her own programme as well. She will be introduced to the revolutionary technique of hearing implants, developed in Australia. The Queen will also visit The Children's Medical Research Institute to meet scientists committed to the prevention of childhood illnesses and disabilities.

Both of us, I believe are looking forward more than anything, to being presented to the outstanding artwork of indigenous Australians at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I know the Crown Princess was fascinated after having visited a museum in Melbourne and also after having met some artists here at a dinner hosted by you, Mrs. Governor.

Let me conclude by thanking you once again on behalf of the Queen and myself, as well as my delegation, for your hospitality! It is a generous start to our stay here in Sydney. We enjoy the warm atmosphere and natural friendship.

Thank you very much and