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The Royal Wedding


Gift suggestion

The newly established Crown Princess Couple's Wedding Foundation is very important to the Crown Princess and Mr Daniel Westling.
The Foundation has been set up to promote good health and combat exclusion among children and young people in Sweden.

Account number:
Bank giro: 470-5463
Gifts from abroad: IBAN SE06 5000 0000 0542 8100 1115 BIC code ESSESESS
Please state your name and address so that the Foundation can send a letter of thanks.

Personal gifts

Unfortunately it is not possible to present personal gifts to the Crown Princess Couple.
Presents in the form of letters and parcels can be sent by ordinary mail to the following address:
The Crown Princess Couple
Royal Palace of Stockholm
111 30 Stockholm
Parcels and bouquets of flowers can also be handed in direct to the Royal Palace at the following address:
Post and Parcel Reception, Högvaktsterrassen 1, Royal Palace.

The reception is located outside the Outer Courtyard on Storkyrkobrinken, Gamla stan.
Opening hours: 8.30 a .m. - 3.00 p.m.

Greetings lists

Please refer to the information under the heading Greetings lists in the menu on the left.