Tour description, The Orangery Museum

The Pink Gallery at the Orangery Museum. Photo: Gomer Swahn Reklam AB/Gomer Swahn.
The Orangery Museum is located in the park just to the left of the palace. A guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes.

During Sweden´s period as a great power, fruit from Southern climes embellished meals of high nobility. Most of the fruit was imported, but the desire to produce fruit in Sweden lead to the construction of a number of green houses, called the Orangery. These green houses were  quite lavish and were erected in the centre of the park.   
The first Orangery was built in 1660 when Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie owned the palace. A few years later the Queen Dowager Hedvig Eleonora transformed the Orangery to its present appearance.
The idea to create a museum for Swedish sculpture was born in the beginning of the 1980s. The building was so dilapidated that something had to happen - and then the idea of reintroducing some of the Mediterranean flora that had been there earlier was implemented.

The museum in its present form opened in 1998, offering a soothing environment of sculptures and exotic plants.
The tour information provided above is general. The more detailed content of the tour will vary depending on the focus of the tour guide on duty.