The Tre Kronor Museum

The Tre Kronor Museum, The Royal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.
The entrance to the Tre Kronor Museum is found under Lejonbacken. Here you will find an architectural model that shows the castle stronghold as it was in the 1660s.

The tour starts at this model and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Having passed under the stronghold´s northern medieval defence wall you will come to another model, this shows what the original stronghold looked like in the 1300s.

At this time the stronghold was simple but effective in form focusing on its main purpose - defence. Perhaps it was here that Birger Jarl wrote his famous letter in 1252?

The museum also contains preserved remains from the medieval strongholds kitchen. Food storage was of the highest importance not least when the stronghold was under siege. Models of fighting soldiers and servants at work have been added to the museum to illustrate the historic course of events.
During the 1600s Sweden went through dramatic changes, which also left their mark on the palace in Stockholm. From the end of the 1500s the building was modernised to resemble more of a Renaissance palace.

During the “Great Power" era in Sweden these changes were not considered to be enough and more thorough changes were desired. This process in time led to the creation of the present palace as it is today. And this is where the tour ends.
The information provides the general focus of guided tours at the Tre  Kronor Museum. The more detailed content of the tour depends on the focus of the tour guide on duty.