The Bernadotte Apartments

Lovisa Ulrika's Audience Chamber, The Royal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.
The Bernadotte Apartments is situated in the palace's north wing and has 14 rooms.

A guided tour of the Bernadotte Apartments takes approximately 45 minutes and begins in the outer Drabantsal, a room once used by The King's bodyguards.

Here you will learn about the palace's earliest history up to the time when the Bernadotte Apartments was ready for moving in and became home to King Adolf Fredrik and Queen Lovisa.
Originally the Pillared Hall, in the north-west corner of the apartments, was Adolf Fredrik´'s dining room. Today the room is mainly reflects the 1780s, when it was modernized by Gustav III.
Leaving the Pillared Hall, you enter the Victoria Salon and the splendour of the 1800´s. Both the chandelier and the carpet are impressive in size. The room is a fine example of Victorian style.

The Bernadotte Gallery contains pictures of almost all the older members of the Royal Family. The room provides the perfect opportunity to relate the story of Karl XIV Johan and the unsettled early 1800s.

The following room is used for formal audiences. Beside it lies the newly decorated Jubilee Room that represents the skilled craftsmanship of our times.
The last room in the Bernadotte Apartment is also a gallery also containing a number of paintings of members of the Royal Family. Here you will see for instance Gustaf VI Adolf, Crown Princess Margareta, and our current King and Queen, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

The information above provides the general focus of guided tours at the Bernadotte Apartments. The more detailed content of the tour depends on the focus of the tour guide on duty.