Welcome to Gustav III's Pavilion in Haga Park!

Visit Gustav III's Pavilion, which is open from 15 June to 13 August, and come on a guided tour. Discover the pavilion, a highlight of Swedish art history. Take a stroll through the beautiful Haga Park along the edge of Brunnsviken.

Gustav III's Pavilion was built to detailed instructions from the passionate King Gustav III. The pavilion on Haga Park is one of Northern Europe's finest late 18th century buildings. The interiors can be seen between 15 June and 13 August, when the pavilion will be open for guided tours.

Guided tours

Come on a guided tour of Gustav III's Pavilion and discover some of the highlights of Swedish art history. Tours take around 45 minutes. Our expert guides will guide you through the palace, detailing its royal history, its architectural history and its interiors. Tickets can be purchased from the entrance to the pavilion immediately before the guided tours begin.
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The Royal Gift Shop

In connection with the guided tours of Gustav III's Pavilion, a selection of souvenirs and gifts from the Royal Gift Shop's range of products inspired by the Royal Collections will be on sale.

Take a stroll through Haga Park

Take a stroll through the beautiful Haga Park along the edge of Brunnsviken. Haga Park is closely associated with King Gustav III, who had grand visions for the park – many of which never made it beyond the drawing board. However, some of the king's visions were indeed realised, including the Copper Tents, the Temple of Echo and the Turkish Kiosk.

Haga Park is part of the Royal National City Park, and is perhaps Sweden's finest example of an English-style park.