Closing dates, The Royal Palace

On occasion the Royal Apartments close either fully or partially in conjunction with His Majesty The King's official duties.

The Royal Apartments includes the State Apartments, the Bernadotte Apartments, the Guest Apartments, the Hall of State and the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry.

Note! Saturday 30 August Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities will be closed due to the march planned from Gustav Adolf torg. The entrance to Museum Tre Kronor from Norrbro will be closed for the same reason, to enter the museum please use the entrance from the Western Vault at the Outer Court Yard.

Upcoming closing dates are:

4 - 8 September The Bernadotte Apartments partially closed
9 September The Halls of the Orders of Chivalry and the Hall of State closed
  The Bernadotte Apartments partially closed
  The Tre Kronor Museum closes at 16:00
10 - 30 September The Bernadotte Apartments partially closed
1 - 2 October The State Apartments are closed as well as parts of the Bernadotte Apartments
3 October The State Apartments, the Bernadotte Apartments and the Guest Apartments are closed