The State Apartments

The White Sea, The Royal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.
The palace State Apartments consist of nine state rooms and the guided tour takes approximately 45 minutes.

The original plans for this section were made during the “Great Power" era in Sweden by palace architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger. Not all plans were finished, but despite this the rooms are unparalleled in northern Europe .

The tour of the banquet rooms starts with a brief presentation of the palace´s history.

In the north west corner of this section lies the Cabinet Room. Still today the room is used during cabinet meetings - meetings between The King and the government.

This room was originally Gustav III's dining room. During his reign many guests were invited to dinner, but only members of the Royal Family ate, watched by the other guests!

A few rooms further in you will find Gustav III's state bedchamber. It was in this room that Gustav III died in 1792 from a gunshot wound he received two weeks earlier from Ankarström.

The rooms that follow, known as Karl XI's Gallery, make up a smaller copy of the mirror room in Versailles. You will see an impressive ceiling painting portraying Karl XI´s war in Skåne in the 1670s.

However, the room is most renowned as the room where today´s reception dinners are held. Once again this presents a good opportunity learn about both the “Great Power" era and gain insight into present-day receptions at the palace.
The last room that you will visit during the guided tour is the palace's ballroom - better known as The White Sea Hall. Nowadays the room is not used so much for dancing but plays a special function during the palace´s annual reception dinners. More about this during the tour!
The information above provides the general focus of guided tours at the palace State Apartments. The more detailed content of the tour depends on the focus of the tour guide on duty.