The Guest Apartments

The Guest Apartments, The Royal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.
The Grand Guest Apartments is largely used for state visits. Therefore the rooms are more profusely decorated than one would expect of a traditional 1700s milieu.

A tour of the Guest Apartments takes approximately 45 minutes.

The first room is the Drabantsal, a room that was once used by The King's bodyguards. Here you will find paintings of Karl X, Karl XI and Karl XII. The new palace was planned in part during the reign of Karl XI. 

The great fire broke out in 1697 and the decision to build a new palace was made during the reign of Karl XII. The room therefore provides the perfect backdrop for tales of early palace history.

The apartment contains furniture from different epochs, most of which was made in Stockholm in either the 1700s or 1800s, and is therefore interesting from a style-history perspective.

State visits are extensive arrangements that often have an effect on the entire palace. There are many interesting tales about  how such arrangements are carried out and what changes they mean for the guest apartment and the palace itself. Learn about this and more on the guided tour.

The information above provides the general focus of guided tours at the Guest Apartments. The more detailed content of the tour depends on the focus of the tour guide on duty.