Rosersberg Palace Park

Rosersberg Palace and park. Photo: Dick Norberg
The French baroque garden lies closest to Rosersberg Palace towards Lake Mälaren.

The garden, commissioned by Count Bengt Oxenstierna, was considered one of Sweden's most lavish, at the time it was planted at the end of the 1600s by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger.

Swans and gondolas

Today, much of the garden has overgrown or disappeared. However, it is still possible to wander through the 300 year old avenues and admire the 600 metre long pond, where once both swans and gondolas were found.

To the left of the palace towards the Sigtuna bay lies the English garden commissioned by Duke Karl (XIII) around the turn of the 19th century.

Here you can stroll down winding paths and find superb views of both land and water.

The mystical King Nordian

In the vicinity you can also visit one of Sweden´s largest burial-mounds belonging to the mystical King Nordian from the Era of the Great Migration.

The Romanesque churches from 1160- 1170 in neighbouring villages of Norrsunda and Skånela are also worthwhile visiting. They both share an unusual feature with towers to the east.

Opening hours

The park is open year round.