The Palace

Karl XIV Johan's Bedchamber, Rosendal Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Håkan Lind.
Today, Rosendal Palace looks very much the same as it did during King Karl XVI Johan  and King Oskar's days, which makes it a unique document of the European Empire style.

The Empire style, which in Sweden is also known as Karl Johan style, is characterised by furniture in mahogany, wall-to-wall carpeting and magnificent curtain arrangements in strong colours. The Red Salon, the Blue Salon, the Yellow Salon and the Green Salon are all witness to the importance of colour for the period´s interiors.

Noteworthy parts of the palace to see include the Library, in which Karl XIV Johan's book collection is kept in mint condition and the interior of King Karl XIV Johan´s bedchamber which was moved from the Royal Palace in Stockholm to Rosendal in 1913.

The palace can be visited during the summer months when our knowledgeable guides give guided tours. For more information on tour times see Visit us in the menu above.